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How HELAMIN® works

HELAMIN® products are proprietary formulations of a perfect blend of components that include protective (filming) polyamines, polycarboxylates (dispersants), and volatile (alkalinizing) amines, working in a synergistic way to provide an optimum protection and passivation of all ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces in the entire water & steam circuit (Turbines included).

HELAMIN® is forming a monomolecular, continuous, and hydrophobic protective film on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier between water and metal to prevent corrosion.

The use of HELAMIN® “All-in-one” product to treat water and steam carrying systems, such as water/steam and heating circuits, has many advantages over conventional conditioning which often requires several substances to be added at various locations and needs regular monitoring.

In the boiler water of steam generators the polyelectrolytes have a synergetic effect. The polycarboxylates (as sodium salt) cause at every temperature an alkalinization because of hydrolysis. As a polyelectrolyte it has greater affinity to bivalent cations (e.g. Fe2+ or Ca2+), like a weak acidic ion exchanger. Hence, quite stable calcium or iron salts are formed which can be removed by blow down. At the stoechiometric limits any residual hardness is kept in solution. Any additional quantities are sequestered, suspended and dispersed (i.e. prevented from crystallising and forming scale, or any other deposits). The polyamines have a greater propensity to be adsorbed at the interfaces.

In addition to the corrosion-protecting effect of the membrane, they also prevent calcium carbonate crystals from growing on the material surface, especially in the area of the heat transfer. Corrosion products which are transported into the boiler are also prevented from accumulating and any existing deposits can be gently removed. If used in steam generators, warm and hot water networks, superheaters, turbines and cooling systems, HELAMIN® is an efficient, economical and ecological solution to the difficult problem of corrosion and scaling.

The HELAMIN® range of conditioners provides additional safety thanks to preventive surface protection, the key to successful and economic operation of your systems.