Slide The "Green" alternative to conventional Boiler System treatments Innovative Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
Pioneer in Polyamines Filming Technology
Free of Hydrazine
Free of Phosphate

Advantages of HELAMIN®

  • Use of a combination of environment-compatible agents in a patented formulation
  • Affects the structure of the protective magnetite layer in the boiler so to increase protection
  • The system is protected against corrosion as a membrane is formed
  • Gentle removal of existing scaling from calcium carbonate and corrosion products
  • Economical and ecological alternative to conventional water conditioning
  • The salt content of boiler water is not increased
  • Reduction of water blow down rate
  • Disperses dirt, mineral salts and iron oxide
  • Alkalinizes the entire steam system including condensate recirculation and feed water systems
  • Simple analysis for determining the HELAMIN® content of the boiler water and condensate
  • Energy-saving thanks to improved heat transfer