Based on long term R&D, Helamin® has been developed and produced to withstand high temperature and pressure applications. Today Helamin® is used for steam boilers with operating pressure of 220 bar and steam temperature up to 600 °C.

Helamin® is a composition of ingredients to provide protection and passivation of all ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces by least degradation through the various phases: feed water, steam & condensate. Helamin® is forming a mono-molecular, continuous and hydrophobic protective film on all exposed metal surfaces.

The main advantages of Helamin® are:
Single pack, multi component mixture of surface active alkyl amines and if requested dispersant.
Environment compatible water treatment technology (Helamin® contains no Hydrazine and Phosphates).
Economical, only a very small excess is sufficient to protect the whole plant.
Ease of application, in most of the cases only one dosing point is necessary.
Stability, Helamin® is thermally stable up to 600 °C and 220 bar.
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